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Top 3 tech geniuses that transformed the world

About 30 years back from now, you didn’t have the luxury of sitting in front of the computer and doing your works quickly or communicating with your friend in another country using Skype. Things were not automated like they are now. It is due to the contribution of some great minds that we have a much easier and advanced life than we had before. Here are the greatest tech geniuses that transformed our world into a better place.

Bill Gates

He is considered to be the world’s richest man. He dropped out of Harvard and launched his own company Microsoft. Over the years we got some great products from Microsoft and the company still continues to research on giving us more technologically advanced products. Bill Gates has a non-profit organization named the Gates Foundation. This organization will support global learning and health. He is one of the most influential technologists we ever had.

Steve Jobs

He is the founder of Apple. He is the one behind the idea that computers should be in people’s home. He also came up with the idea that people can listen to music on the go and created the iPod. Even after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple continues to grow and now has a huge market share in the technology industry.

Tim Berners-Lee

In 1989, he invented the World Wide Web. The URL structure, hyperlinks, etc. are all his inventions. We wouldn’t have connected to the entire world so easily if it wasn’t for his great invention. He continues to do his research on this field and is now working on the Semantic Web, which may be the future of the internet.

All these tech geniuses worked hard for many years in order to get their inventions recognized. Now they are considered to be the biggest minds in the technology industry.