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4 features to look for before buying a computer

The modern computer comes with lots of interesting features. These features differ from one computer to the other. When buying a computer, you should consider the following basic features.

Processing power

The processing power determines the computer’s efficiency in handling tasks. It refers to the speed at which the computer can complete a task. The motherboard, graphics processing unit and processing memory, all determine the processing speed of a computer. A computer that has more processing power will be able to work fast.


The hard disc and removable drives are called storage of a computer. Storage is also a selling point of a computer. A computer that has more storage is better as you will be able to save a lot of things.

Operating system

Operating systems offers a set of software that helps you to work. The type of operating system you should choose depends on your requirements. Microsoft, Macintosh, Linux, etc. are the major operating systems available.


You should consider the size and resolution of your display. If the display has higher contrast ration, then you will get high definition displays. You must buy a computer that has a good display, especially if you are going to use the computer to play video games and watch movies.

These are only the basic features of a computer that you should keep in mind when choosing a computer to buy. The type of computer you choose should depend on your purpose and budget. You can read reviews of the latest computers, learn about their configurations before buying a computer.